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The Project

Exploring innovative ways to strengthen knowledge on digital topics

The wider context for this project is determined by the large impact Digital Transformation can have on the economic growth potential of Europe and the relevant role Management Consulting industry is playing as a key enabler of digital transformation processes.

In particular, the digital skills gap between the strong demand coming from the job market and the limited availability of training opportunities on digital innovation for students in higher education institutions.



  • Explore innovative ways to use digital teaching technologies


  • Transfer consulting skills as required for supporting digital transformation processes



Design course contents and course materials in the area of Digital Management Consulting:

  • open access e-learning modules
  • experiential-based intensive training
  • guidelines for a blended course format



The project will have a strong impact on the participants, in terms of learners and project partners, as well as associated partners. It will contribute to equip learners with the digital skills required by the labour market. New teaching contents will be developed in the area of digital management consulting and guidelines for an innovative course design format able to offer experiential learning will be at disposal of higher education educators. Also the professional development of the administrative staff involved in the project will be enhanced.
In the longer term, the project has the potential to contribute to a new course design approach by blending the two very different approaches of online and experiential learning.