Management Consulting in the Digital Age intensive training programme supports master level students to be better prepared for a future career in management consulting, by providing them with an in-depth exposure to the way leading management consulting firms are developing digital transformation projects. The programme lasts two weeks with the engagement of different consulting companies. 
The programme is addressed to master level students with different backgrounds, namely:

• 60% from Management and Economics
• 30% from Data Science/Statistics/Informatics
• 10% from other backgrounds (Law, Political Science, Psychology, etc)

The programme covers two weeks with the support of different consulting companies that:
• propose a topic and a related business case
• coaches 3-4 groups working on the case across the whole week, also providing them relevant
• commits roughly 7 hours (plus the preparation time).

Involved IT companies present to all the training programme participants their profile and their tool/platform plus one or two practice-oriented lectures on a relevant topic.

CONTACT: digitalconsulting.yerun@mscba.uniroma2.it